Whimsy Around the World exhibit design.

Whimsy Around the World was an exhibition at New Museum Los Gatos from the museum's exhibition series A Call to Collect which highlights local art collectors and their collection. Whimsy Around the World was curated by Allison Railo and showcases the collection of Los Gatos residents Paul and Lee Quintana. The goal for this exhibit is similar to In the Artist's Studio where the curator wanted to recreate the experience and feel of the collector's home including recreating a seating area. My design process included multiple visits to the Quintana home to photograph and select items from their collection for display. Over 80 pieces were brought to the museum for the exhibition and I needed to design and build new display shelves for all the small artifacts and sculptures. The exhibit design also included custom cut vinyl that I designed and produced.

I also created a virtual exhibition tour page of Whimsy Around the World for NUMU which can be viewed on the museum's website.

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