New Additions 2019 exhibit design.

New Additions 2019 celebrates the past 5 years of collecting artwork for New Museum Los Gatos. The museum collects works of local art and historical artifacts that carry a significance to the town of Los Gatos and the Bay Area community at large. This exhibit shared the selection and accession process of accepting an artwork or artifact into the museum's collection. The exhibit was curated by former NUMU Executive Director, Lisa Coscino, who was the incumbent during the time these works of art were accessioned. I worked with the curator to translate her writing into didactic panels placed throughout the exhibit as well as other design elements. I designed the layout of the exhibition with the museum's collection manager and worked with him to install the exhibit as many of the pieces were delicate and required special handling to display.

I also created a virtual exhibition tour page for NUMU which can be viewed on the museum's website.

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