In the Artist's Studio exhibit design.

In the Artist's Studio is a recurring exhibition located in the reception gallery at New Museum Los Gatos. The exhibition showcases the working studio space of local artists whose work addresses themes of social justice and ecological activism. My goal as the designer for these exhibitions is to recreate the featured artist's studio in the exhibition space. My job includes photographing the artist's studio for promotional and exhibit use, assisting the curator in selecting the artwork, artifacts and tools from the studio, designing the layout, and installation and fabrication of display mounts.

Some of the artists featured in this series include Lauryl Gaumer, Kristin Lindseth, George Rivera, David Middlebrook, Warren Chang, and Charlotte Kruk and curators Marianne McGrath, Helaine Glick, Marie Cameron, and Lisa Coscino.

I also created virtual exhibition pages of the In The Artist's Studio series for NUMU which can be viewed on the museum's website.

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